Friday, August 24, 2012


Ever said that ?  Goodness every time I spend time with my friend Julie- we say the same thing.

Tuesday was Karen day-- well I did have one other errand also- but second on the list was getting my toes done-- AHHHH!!  You forget how good it feels!!  Amy has been doing my toes for 12 years now.  I have followed her all over Corpus and am still willing to drive the 40 miles to get an Amy pedicure.   

So after the one errand I had was done and the toes were once again made beautiful-  I had made plans to have lunch with my friend Julie--  Where we eat does not matter, it is just the act of sitting across the table from each other and catching up on us!!  We usually pick someplace that will not be upset with us when we spend 2 hours at the table. 

Julie has been my friend since about 2002.  We met at a church singles group Super Bowl Party - and hit it off immediately!!  Ever just meet someone and just know that they were going to be your friend?  Well that is what happened to both of us-- The party was at my house and afterward Julie stayed and helped me clean up and we talked until well into the wee hours of the morning and after that we got together regularly to go to the movies, out to dinner, and just sit and visit.  

Not too long after that things happened in Julie's life that made it a necessity for her  to find a room mate- it just so happened that my youngest son had left for the Navy and I had a spare room in a house way to big for me - so it seemed obvious!!  I had never had a  room mate before and she had had a bad experience with one before so we both were probably a little wary -  but what a time we had.  It was great!!  A good friend that lives in the other part of the house!!  WOW!!    We still talk about the dinner parties we gave and the road trip that we took!!  

So- as life would have it - things changed and Julie decided to move out of town to be closer to her granddaughter and son- (cannot blame her for that)- but being heart girlfriends(that is what I call us)- the distance just kept us from seeing each other as often- but talking fairly regularly on the phone.  

Time moves forward and things change- I met this wonderful man, Julie moved back to town, and we spent less and less time together, but we always knew the other one was only a phone call away- cause that is what heart girlfriends are - just a phone call away!!  

I married that wonderful man, she came to the wedding, I moved an hour away,   and we don't get together as much- but Tuesday we sat across the table from each other and caught up on us!!  How wonderful that was.  

So we made a plan --  my SH (sweet husband) is leaving to go on a guy fishing trip for about a week and Julie is coming to stay for a couple of days-  WOO HOO!!   So it will be a night of chick flicks, ice cream, and talking- big girl slumber party!!  

Don't get me wrong, I love my SH and he is my best friend, but there are just some spots in you that only a heart girlfriend can fill. 

So my question to you is -- do you have a heart girlfriend?  someone who knows you- really knows you and still  loves you anyway, someone who is only a phone call away?  I certainly hope so!! 

Thanks for stopping by !! 


  1. Oh indeed, those are the best friends to happen upon! I have one that lives in Indiana, every time we get together it is like we've never parted.
    I'm enjoying your blog and hope you are enjoying retirement...even with the part time job!

  2. Thanks Stacie- I am glad to hear that you also have a heart girlfriend-- nothing like them!! Retirement is great- I am glad I have my part time job- cannot imagine not working- not yet anyway- so I have the best of both worlds- working some and playing a lot.

  3. Nothing like a good friend, a real friend. Not many of those around really. Good for you and glad ya'll had a wonderful time. :)