Monday, September 3, 2012


You know retirement kind of makes you look at things differently- guess it should- or I don't know maybe it shouldn't.

I know that within the last several months I have been bombarded with insurance company offers for my secondary insurance-- for those of you who are not of retirement age-- that means a secondary insurance to my Medicare- news flash- when you turn 65- not on your actual birthday, but on the first of your birthday month - your current insurance drops you like a hot potato and now you are on Medicare(not a choice by the way) - Whoa!!- future of adult diapers and walkers with wheels sudden pops into your head--  but once that one vision goes away what you are left with is decisions-- you see Medicare does not pay for everything- so you need a secondary insurance- thus all the brochures!!  Whew!!-  makes your brain tired sorting through what this one offers, what that one offers- is my doctor still going to take Medicare (you know some of them just don't anymore- too much paper work), how much is my premium going to be and then on top of that I need to be researching a prescription plan - ---new terminology like Part A, Part B, Part C- doughnut hole

(why would you use that term- I thought doughnuts were supposed to be enjoyable- but evidently this "doughnut hole" is not something very enjoyable at all!!)-- Decisions, decisions- What happened to the "Golden Years" ?????- rest and relaxation-- well maybe after all the decisions are made-- I will let you know  how the search goes- but these decisions will need to be made by November- three months before my birthday month in February!!

Well since this particular blog is about decisions guess that we all have a big one to make in November-- now I am not a political person and I do believe that everyone has the privilege, (yes privilege) to vote as their conscience dictates- I won't get into my beliefs- but my wish is that we could actually get unbiased information --  I dislike the fact that depending upon what news media you choose to get your information from- it will be biased- Like Sargent Friday- I want the facts please, just the facts, not a media opinion!!

I am sick of all the misinformation, lies, name calling, he said, she said, what he should have worn, what she should not have worn--- the ugliness that has become our politics--  STOP!!

I know that lots of people had bad things to say about Clint Eastwood's speech at RNC (we personally have made a conscious decision not to watch television so I did not see it live,  I watched it on Google news after everyone was making such a big deal about it) and the one thing that he said that stuck in my mind was that "we are Americans and we own this country- we have hired this man that we can will call President- we hired these people that we call Senator and Congressman-- so when they don't do the job that we as their bosses expect- we have the duty, yes duty, to fire them and hire others--  I think we have forgotten that--  we have turned over our power to them- would you run a private business like that- would you make the employees in charge?  As a disclaimer this  certainly by means reflects how I will vote this election- that decision I have not made yet.

So I have come to a decision(well at least one)-- I am going to become familiar with who are supposed to be looking out for our "countries best interest" -- I have decided that I am going to start writing- and stating my displeasure with their performance,  their huge ball of confusion that grows daily- do something, "**** or get off the pot", stop standing on the fence, take a stand- represent me- I do pay your salary!!

Decisions, decisions- so I leave you with what decisions are you struggling with?  What decisions have you made that you feel good about?

Right now I am going to decide what to have for lunch- easy one!!

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  1. I wish things were more simple! I'm taking notes as I'm getting closer to that 'certain age'. LOL