Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Well I was going to call this post "OLD FRIENDS",  but I did not want anyone to mistake the use of the word "OLD"

Mary and I decided that were were not old today over lunch!!  You see Mary and I have been friends since the 4th grade--- that was just a few years ago!!  She lived down the street from me or I lived down the street from her (which ever), but we did everything together--we were the bestest of friends-- I guess today we would call ourselves BFFs.  We discovered lots of things together-- and we thought that we were wild and daring creatures- in today terms we were pretty calm I suppose- but we thought we were living on the edge!!

We were both born 15 days apart in the same month and the same year!!  We discovered boys together, spent summers going to the skating rink on Lexington, summer sock hops at Sundeen Jr. High, bought a mouton coat together (okay so this is a funny story)  we neither one had the money to buy a mouton coat quite the rage when we were in Jr. Hi (how many of you remember mouton coats?)  anyway in Jr. Hi School girl mind the solution to that was to buy one coat and share it-- never occurred to us exactly how we would share this coat when we went absolutely every where together and living in Corpus it probably would only be cold enough to wear this coat only 2-3 times a year-- but the truth is I do not remember every having a fight over the coat and we neither one can remember what happened to this prized coat. 

We got our first job together (the Dairy Queen on Gollihar), spent our first all night out together, dated sailors together, spent hours flirting and sun bathing on the Tee Heads where we danced the evening away to Paul Revere and the Raiders  and told our parents we were at the library!!  I supposed they probably never believed us -- as our grades probably never reflected the numerous hours at the library that we supposedly spent--  We gave birth to our first child (boys) her on September 5, 1968 and me on September 19, 1968-- See I told you we did everything together !!

Well as life would have it-- she  had met a wonderful man named Hank- he was in the Navy at the time and he was from Ohio and when he got out they headed to Ohio to live (they still live there).  I stayed in Texas with a move later to Mississippi  !!   I would love to be able to tell you that we kept in touch- but alas that did not happen.  Life took over and she went on to have one more child- a precious daughter and we kind of drifted apart.

But somehow (probably because of Mary's diligence, shame on me) she found me in Mississippi-- we started keeping in touch - usually once a year with Christmas cards- then one day she called!!  Said she was coming to visit!!  Woo Hoo!!   We laughed till our faces hurt that visit- like we had never been apart!!

I have to say that Mary has been a rock- she has seen me through 3 husbands, two more children,  a move back to Corpus, and lots of ups and downs in my life- she has been my friend since the 4th grade and it still feels like she lives down the street from me-- Thank you Mary for your effort !!

Well Mary is in town this week (she has a sister who still lives in Corpus) and we had lunch today!!  It felt like home!!

So two big events today in my life- lunch with Mary and------ Today I have been married to the most wonderful man for two years!!    We like to say that we have  been through lots of life lessons getting ready for each other- lots of trial and errors- but we made it! 

So My Sweet Man here is to many, many more years!!   I love you !! xoxoxox


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your friend. That's good! :)
    Oh...and Happy Anniv. to a lovely couple! Here's to many many more.:)

    1. Thanks, it was a marvelous day !! Great friend and wonderful husband- all in one day !! Woo Hoo!