Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Yes, today  August 15, 2012 I received my first Social Security check- right on time !!  Don't you just love how money just shows up in your checking account- like money fairies, happens while you are sleeping.  Could this be any easier??   Kind of feels like they send me money for not doing anything- guess it sorta is- well if you don't count having worked since the age of 17.

Well it has been a week since I have written on my blog- wish I could say it is because I have been sooooo busy that I have just not had time, but alas- that is not the case- the only excuse I have is that - well I don't have one- I mean a good one - so I won't even go there- procrastination, laziness, hmm those words do come into play probably, no not probably most likely.

Been so hot here-- I am so ready for Fall-- days of 98-100- like  my sweet chosen sisters says - we have been having temperatures that should be oven settings, not outside temps- and no rain- goodness no rain in such a long time-- okay God we have been patient and have not been praying really hard for rain until the farmers got all their crops in - but the crops are in and now  please bring on the rains.

The new job- (guess I could stop calling it the new job)- is going well-- I am really enjoying getting to meet everyone that lives out here -- I am such a people person and the last 15 years have spent my days sitting in front of a computer- talking to no one- so this is a real treat for me!!

Woo Hoo- we are going to Skype with my son ,  his wife,  and my beautiful granddaughter tonight- can hardly wait.   After growing up with three brothers and raising three sons (the toilet seat was always up at my house) I now have this precious beautiful granddaughter Sydney- sadly they live in Washington State- but thank goodness for Skype- almost as good, almost.

This retirement thing is going pretty well so far- I seem to be filling up my time pretty well- my SH (sweet husband) asked me yesterday as he was headed out the door to go to work- "so what are you going to do today?" - my answer was "don't know yet"- that was kind of fun-- before the answer would have been "work" - but yesterday it was "don't know yet"- which made a day of possibilities open up -  I suppose with a statement like "day of possibilities open up" you are expecting me to say I spent the day at the beach or read a good book, or got my toes done, or went shopping-  well I did none of those- but the "possibility" was there for me to have done any of those things.  I chose to wash down the cabinets and bathe the dog, but at the end of the day I felt good about my choice of how to spend the day.  So here's to more days of "possibilities opening up".

So my question to you is------ do you have days of "possibilities" that open up for you?-- and if you do- do you feel good about your choice of how you spent it?  I hope so!!

Well until next time- thanks for stopping by.



  1. I have fleeting moments of opportunity - does that count? Whatever you do, DO NOT get on It is the bigger time fast-forwarder in the universe! I often plan my nap time usage to be very productive but realistically expect to get 1/2 of it done.
    I love you XOXO

  2. I remember and you are right when you have little ones it is more like "moments of possibilities". Thanks for the tip about pinterest. I love you too.

  3. Great picture of the grandbaby! She is a doll!
    Sounds like you are settling into your new retirement just fine! We should get together soon! Maybe next week, after my cold is gone.