Thursday, August 2, 2012


Today , well actually yesterday, was payday  and I am  like Scrooge McDuck and counting my money in the vault-- well not exactly---

So how do I spend this fortune?  Perhaps on 

or perhaps

Well maybe I need to rethink this-- since it was not quite that much-

You know when I decided to retire I never knew there would be so many things that I needed to do to actually retire--  week before last I filed for my  Social Security, Yikes that sounds so

but heck I did file a little early say 6 months or so-  and then  I found out that 3 months after this I get to learn how to maneuver around in the Medicare/ secondary insurance/ prescription plan jungle--and need to find a new dental plan--  this old age stuff certainly can be confusing!!

My new JOB - I was reminded at work today that today was actually my one month anniversary of working at my new job!    I opened today had to be at the store at about 5:45 (yes that is AM) so that I can be ready for the door to open at 6.  I rather prefer early morning-- I used to get up early for my old job so my eyes pop open anyway!!  I always have people to wait on exactly at 6, usually wanting shrimp or gas- this morning it was both.  
My  my sweet Husband walks me across the street on both my early morning shifts and then comes over to walk me home when I work the evening shift on Sunday from 2 until 10- what a sweet man!!   Today was his birthday and so I plan to take him to dinner- with my first paycheck from my new JOB!! 

Well my feet are tired and I smell a little shrimpish so off to the shower!! 

Thanks for checking in on me!!

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  1. I know the feeling of going from 'much' to 'a lot less', when retiring or other circumstances. I may have to simplify's an amazing learning experience and quite 'freeing' actually. I sent over a few of my friends. I see Kris and Mary Helen have commented. :)